LibreOffice 7.5.1 Supports Manually Switching Light & Dark Mode

LibreOffice, the default office suite in Ubuntu, Fedora and many other Linux, announced the 7.5.1 release a day ago.

It’s the first point release for the latest major 7.5 release series. It includes lots of bug-fixes as well as a new feature. That, there’s now an option to manually switch between light and dark mode.

Simply go to menu Tools -> Options or press Alt+F12 on keyboard to open the settings dialog, then you’ll see the new “Appearance” selection box under “LibreOffice -> View” page. Allows to easily switch to UI color that is opposite to system color scheme.

The release also has a total of bug-fixes, including UI Scale issue on non HighDPI external display for macOS, readability issues on Dark mode, and various crashes. See HERE and HERE for details.

How to Install LibreOffice 7.5.1

The official download page offers the binary packages for Linux, macOS, and Windows:

For Arch Linux, just keep your system up-to-date, because it always has the newest packages in system repository.

For Ubuntu user who prefer the classic .deb package, I’d highly recommend to use this PPA instead. Because the package from LibreOffice website is built with widely support for Debian based systems, and it results 2 editions of software packages in Ubuntu.

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