Switch Back Xorg in Ubuntu 21.04 to Workaround App Not Working Issue

Some of your applications are not well working in Ubuntu 21.04? Try to switch back Xorg session.

Wayland is a communication protocol that specifies the communication between a display server and its clients. It aims to replace the X Window System with a modern, secure simpler windowing system in Linux.

While Fedora defaults to Wayland for a long period of time, this is the second time (first in Ubuntu 17.10) Ubuntu using Wayland as default session. However, there are still many problems running with the display server.

Many multi-media apps, e.g, Kazam, SimpleScreenRecorder, OBS-Studio, Shutter, and even xrandr, do not work in Wayland.

Before waiting the apps to update with Wayland support, switch back to Xorg could be a good idea and here’s how.

How to Tell If I’m running on Wayland or Xorg:

There are a few ways to tell either Wayland or Xorg is running, while this single command may be the simplest.

Open terminal from your system application launcher.

When it opens, run command:


Switch Back to Xorg in Ubuntu 21.04:

Xorg session is still available. You can simply log-out the current session, choose your user in login screen, then click the bottom-right gear button and select “Ubuntu on Xorg” from pop-up menu.

Then type your password and hit Enter to login, and enjoy!

Merilyn Ne
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