MPV Media Player 0.33 Released with HiDPI Support on Windows API

MPV, an open-source MPlayer / MPlayer2 based media player, released version 0.33.0 today with numerous improvements.

The build system of MPV now is only supported on Python 3 with Python 2 support having been dropped. GLX support is now disabled by default in favor of EGL.

Release highlights in MPV 0.33.0 include:

  • add option to filter subtitles by regex
  • add optional separate video decoding thread
  • add exclusive fullscreen support for Direct3D 11
  • Support HiDPI on Windows.
  • 10bit support for X11.
  • add software rendering API
  • add scaletempo2 filter based on chromium
  • drop Python 2 support.
  • supports automatically loading external cover art files
  • terminal video output support using Sixel
  • better resizing on wayland.

How to Get MPV 0.33:

For Windows, MacOS, Linux binary packages as well as source code, go to the official installation page:

For Ubuntu, there’s an PPA available though it’s not been updated to v0.33 at the moment of writing:

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