LibreOffice 7.5 Released! New Icons, Better Dark Mode & New Content Controls

The popular free and open-source office suite LibreOffice got a new feature release one day ago!

It’s LibreOffice 7.5 that introduced new icons for both application shortcuts and MIME type.

The start center of this office suite now has a drop-down box to filter recent documents.

This release also greatly improved the dark mode and high contrast theme support. In my test with LibreOffice pre-release PPA package, it’s fully dark. The document background is also dark though it won’t follow system-wide color scheme.

The release also implemented the single toolbar UI. User can enable it by going to menu: “View -> User Interface”.

For the Writer, it now has new Plain Text and Combo Box Content Control types. And, PDF export now automatically turns Writer content controls into fillable widgets for the rich text, plain text, checkbox, drop-down, combo box and date types.

Other changes in LibreOffice 7.5 include:

  • titles and tags support in Content Controls.
  • support for font embedding on macOS.
  • more visible bookmarks.
  • Data tables support in charts.
  • New set of default table styles in Impress & Draw.
  • Search via descriptions in Calc Function Wizard.
  • And much more, see the release note.

How to Get LibreOffice 7.5:

LibreOffice is the default office suite in the most Linux Distros. However, only part of them (such as Arch Linux) keep updating their own office package to the latest.

For Ubuntu and its based systems, this PPA repository is a good choice to update the office suite, though PPA NOT updated at the moment of writing.

For other Linux, there’s an universal Flatpak package available to install in the Flathub repository page.

The LibreOffice website also provides other package formats (AppImage, Snap), as well as macOS and Windows packages for downloading at the link below:

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