Fedora 39 finally Released with GNOME 45 & Toolkit Updates

Fedora Linux 39 is finally released on Tuesday after few weeks delay!

As you may know, Fedora 39 workstation comes with the latest GNOME Desktop 45, with following exciting new features:

  • New workspace indicator to replace ‘Activities’ button.
  • New Super + S keyboard shortcut to trigger the top-right system tray menu (aka quick settings).
  • Modern new UI for “Settings” and “Files”.
  • Redesigned ‘Privacy’ settings page.
  • New camera indicator for the device using status.
  • Wayland support for Input Leap.
  • And more.

Besides Gnome 45, the release also has updated version of desktop flavors, including Budgie, KDE Plasma Desktop, Xfce, Cinnamon, and more.

Fedora 39 also includes updated versions of development toolkit. They include gcc 13.2, binutils 2.40, glibc 2.38, gdb 13.2, RPM 4.1.9, Python 3.12, and Rust 1.73. For more, see the official announcement.

Get Fedora 39

To download the .iso image for the new release, either go to the official download page via the link below:

Or, use the torrent download via this page.

To speed up the download process, you may also choose a mirror that near to you via this link.

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