VGrive – Simple Graphical Google Drive Client for Linux

Want to sync between Google Drive and local file folder on Linux? VGrive is a simple graphical tool can do the job.

This app has NOT been updated for more than 2 years! It MAY not work on recent Linux systems anymore!!! See this post instead.

VGrive is a free open-source client app (back-end and front-end) for Google Drive written in Vala programming language. It automatically detects changes in local folder and remote Google Drive files and syncs them.

VGrive starts as an indicator applet in system tray, and offers a simple user interface to login Google account and setup local file folder.

By default, it creates a vGrive folder in user’s home directory and sync files between your Google Drive and this local folder. You can change the local folder from the preferences window.

See the application via pictures (click to expand):

How to Install VGrive in Ubuntu, Fedora, other Linux

For Fedora, the software is available in official repository. Simply open terminal and run command:

sudo dnf install vgrive

For Ubuntu and Debian, download the .deb package from github releases page.

Then install the package either via Gdebi package installer, or by running command in terminal:

sudo apt install ./Downloads/com.github.bcedu.vgrive*.deb

For most Linux systems, the application is also available as Flatpak package (Follow the setup guide and then run install command in the bottom of this page).

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