Scrcpy 2.1 Released with Audio-only Mode, Use Android as Microphone Support

Scrcpy, the popular Android device remote control and remote mirror app, released version 2.1 a day ago!

For those who are new to this app, it’s a free and open-source application to mirror your Android screen and control it remotely in PC or laptop.  The thing can be done either through USB cable or wirelessly via TCP/IP protocol. And, it works in Linux, Windows, and macOS.

The new Scrcpy 2.1 got a new feature that can capture Android device’s microphone. By starting it with --audio-source=mic flag, allows to use Android device as a dictaphone and record a capture directly on PC.

The last 2.0 release introduced audio forwarding, along with --no-audio option to disable that feature. In this release, --no-video option is added so user can start the app in Audio only mode.

Meaning, user can use the option to use Android for listening or audio capturing only without video.  And, in this mode, user can record sound or voice into .m4a, .mp4, .mka, .opus, etc., with both opus and aac codecs.


Other changes in Scrcpy 2.1 include:

  • Properly reacts to “fold changed” events for foldable devices.
  • New --no-video-playback, and --no-audio-playback option.
  • New --no-playback for both audio and video, it’s previously --no-display.
  • --time-limit option to automatically stop Android mirroring in given time.
  • Various Android 14 and device specific fixes.
  • Option to kill adb on close.
  • Option to change the audio output buffer size

How to Get Scrcpy 2.1

For the release note, as well as the source code, go to its Github page.

There’s so far no pre-build packages for Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, etc Linux systems, you can either try to build it from source, or use old versions available in your system repositories.

And, here’s a step by step guide shows beginners how to use Scrcpy to remote mirror and control Android devices on PC.

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