Opera One (version 100) adds AI ChatBot for free

Opera web browser released version 100 on Tuesday, ‘Opera One’, feature a built-in AI!

It’s Aria, a ChatBot AI based on OpenAI’s GPT for real-time results from the web.

By installing the new browser release, there will be a new icon in center of left bar. By clicking on it will open the Aria chat dialog. Though, user need to login with an Opera account to use it for free. User can also press ctrl (cmd) + / on keyboard to open a pop-up dialog to quickly ask the AI.

As you see in the screenshot, Aria, the AI told me the features she/he include:

  1. Natural language processing: Aria uses OpenAI‘s GPT language model to understand natural language and generate human-like responses.
  2. Information retrieval: Aria can retrieve information from various sources on the web and provide relevant answers to user queries.
  3. Multi-tasking: Aria can handle multiple tasks at once and switch between them seamlessly.
  4. Contextual understanding: Aria is designed to understand the context of a question and provide relevant responses.
  5. Language support: Aria can understand and answer questions in multiple languages.
  6. Friendliness: Aria is designed to be friendly and approachable, providing helpful responses to users’ inquiries.
  7. Learning: Aria is constantly learning from user interactions, allowing her to improve and provide better responses over time.

How to Get Opera One (Opera 100)

All users can simply go to the Opera website, and click ‘Download Opera’ button to download the package for your system.

Then double-click the file in your Downloads folder to install the browser.

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