NixOS 23.05 Released! Kernel 6.1, Budgie Desktop Support

After half an year since the last, NixOS announced the new 23.05 release on May 31!

NixOS is an independent Linux distro based on the Nix package manager. It supports reproducible and declarative system-wide configuration management as well as atomic upgrades and rollbacks, although it can additionally support imperative package and user management.

The new NixOS 23.05, code-name “Stoat”, has 7 months support until December 2023, handing over to next NixOS 23.11.

It features the Linux Kernel 6.1 LTS. Which, has initial Rust programming support, more LoongArch CPU support, PinePhone keyboard driver, Intel Meteor Lake Thunderbolt support, and more.

The desktop environments have also been updated. They are GNOME 44, KDE Plasma 5.27, Cinnamon 5.6. As well, it added Budgie Desktop as a new choice in the OS installer.

NixOS installer, Desktop Selection

NixOS now uses nsncd, a non-caching reimplementation of nscd in Rust, as its NSS lookup dispatcher. Python in NixOS now implements the new policy for pip install, see the new methods to install Python apps/libraries via pip.

Other changes in NixOS 23.05 include:

  • Update Nix to 2.13
  • Systemd v253.
  • Enable boot.bootspec.enable internal option by default.
  • New services: Budgie, Deepin Desktop Environment, ivpn, SFTPGo, Akkoma, cups-pdf-to-pdf, and more.

For more about NixOS 23.05, see the official release note.

Download / Upgrade NixOS

The official .iso image for modern PC/laptop, ARM mobile devices are available to download at its website:

If you’re running an older version of NixOS, there’s also an official guide for how to upgrade it.

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