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Krita 5.0 is Out! Faster Resource System, MyPaint Brush Engine, Animation Overhaul

The digital painting and 2D animation software Krita 5.0 is finally released as the largest and most significant updates that it has ever seen!

Krita 5.0 has completely rewritten the resource system. It’s now much faster, uses much less memory! It introduced a new bundle manager and resource manager. User can now configure resource folder and cache locations, which can be even set on a USB stick.

Gradients have been improved to be smoother and able to handle wider gamuts. The smudge brush engine has been completely rewritten. And, it has new engine to loads MyPaint 1.2 brushes into Krita.

The Animation system has been overhauled with user interface improvements, and new features such as clone frames and animated transform masks. And, it now supports importing videos and animated images as Krita animations.

Import Video as Animation

The release also introduced a built-in storyboard editor and a recorder to create a video out of your painting sessions.

There are also many other new features in Krita 5.0 including:

  • Support photoshop layer style libraries and brush libraries.
  • Layer styles are now resources.
  • fast float plugin
  • New modes for textured brushes
  • New options to export GIF, APNG and WEBP
  • Support for user-installed themes on Linux
  • Heif plugin update and Avif support
  • kra file format support.
  • Crop and resize image when exporting
  • In-stack transform preview
  • Rotate ellipses and rectangles as you draw them.
  • Crop Canvas option in the crop tool
  • Drag and drop colors onto the canvas and layer tree
  • New layer filter widget
  • GDQuest Batch Exporter add-On
  • Photobash python plugin
  • Support for SIP 5 bindings
  • Search actions via Ctrl+Enter

How to Get Krita 5.0 in Linux:

Krita has a single executable “AppImage” package that can be run to launch the software directly, after adding executable permission. It also has an official PPA for Ubuntu / Linux Mint users, and universal Flatpak package runs in most Linux.

All of them are available in the official download page via the link button below:

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