Kdenlive 23.08 adds New Audio Seam & Auto Fade Effects, AV1 NVENC Profile

Kdenlive, the popular KDE and Qt based video editor, announced 23.08 release this Monday!

The new release came with numerous bug-fixes, stability and usability improvements. And, there are 2 new effects: Audio Seam and Auto Fade. Which, can be added to tracks to eliminate audio cracks which might happen with some clips such as MKV and FLAC

Kdenlive keeps adding small features to improve usability. In the new release, there’s new “Fit all tracks in view” option in track header context menu. New Shift + z shortcut adjusts timeline zone to selected clips. Keyboard shortcut to toggle between timeline tabs. And new character count and zoom options in subtitle editor.

The 23.08 release also added new Nvenc AV1 profile in rendering dialog under “Hardware Accelerated (experimental)” menu.

Other changes include:

  • Whisper engine fixes for Nvidia GTX 16xx series
  • Added GoPro .lrv and DJI .lrf files as external proxies
  • Fix Normalize (2 pass) effect
  • Added Nano Tracker algorithm to the Motion Tracker effect
  • Refactored Custom Clip Job Manager
  • Add Cut subtitle after first line option
  • Shift + double-click on the track divider resets the track back to its default height

For more, see the official release note.

How to Get Kdenlive 23.08:

Kdenlive provides official binary packages for Linux, Windows, and macOS. They are available to download at the link below:

For Linux, besides using the AppImage from the link above. Ubuntu user can directly install the Snap package from Ubuntu Software, or use the official Ubuntu PPA, though you may need to wait for updates for a few days. Also, it’s available to install as Flatpak package for most Linux.

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