GNOME UI Tweak Tool ‘Just Perfection’ Updates with New Toggle Options

For Gnome desktop users, the popular ‘Just Perfection’ tool released version 25.0 (and v26.0 with quick fix) few days ago.

As you may know, Just Perfection is an extension to tweak GNOME UI elements and behavior. With it, user can easily show or hide the top panel, dash, Activities, clock, and change the size & position of panel, clock, etc.

With the new release, it added new options including ‘Overlay key’ option to turn on/off the Super (Windows logo) shortcut key. By turning the option off, press ‘Super’ key on keyboard will do nothing. Though, Super + S, Super + A, etc shortcuts still function!

It also added “Dash App Running indicator” option, which can show/hide the dots under app icons in the Dash (bottom dock). However, this option won’t work in Ubuntu, Manjaro, and other GNOME based Linux running with Dash-to-dock or other Dock Launcher.

There’s also a new “Workspace peek” option under “Behavior” tab. By default, Gnome displays the current workspace in the overview screen, along with next and/or previous workspaces displayed in right and/or left corner.

By disabled this option, it shows only single current workspace in the overview screen. To switch workspace, user can either press keyboard shortcut or click on the thumbnail under search box instead.

Other changes in Just Perfection v25 (and v26) include:

  • Change the way to render top panel, when it shown only in overview.
  • No new feature updates for GNOME 3.36, 3.38, 40 and 41.
  • Add ‘Donate’ button in the extension web page.
  • Some bug-fixes.

How to Install Just Perfection

NOTE: Just Perfection requires GNOME desktop v3.36 and/or higher.

Ubuntu user can firstly install “Extension Manager” from Ubuntu Software. Then, use the tool to search and install ‘Just Perfection’ under Browse tab.

Install extension via “Extension Manager” in Ubuntu 22.04

Other Linux with GNOME can simply go to the link below, and use ON/OFF switch to install the extension.

Click install browser extension if you don’t see the toggle switch, then refresh the page.

After installing the extension, launch either “Extension Manager” or “Gnome Extensions” to open the Just Perfection settings page.

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