The Beautiful Linux Distro – CutefishOS Revived! re-based on Debian 12

Cutefish OS, an elegant and beautiful Linux desktop operating system, revived few days ago by announcing a new disco image.

It’s a free and open-source, single-person maintained (seems to be) project known by its attractive UI design. Cutefish OS now is based on Debian 12 ‘bookworm’, though it’s still in beta stage.

It’s now OK for basic daily use, through a list of pre-installed applications. They include Chromium web browser, VLC media player, Gedit text editor, Stacer system cleaner, and a file manager, document viewer, etc.

Thanks to Debian package base and Debian multimedia repository, user can also install tons of applications easily through the Synaptic Package Manager.

Cutefish OS does NOT have any release note and feature list. After trying it out, here are a list of features that I can tell:

  • X86 64-bit only.
  • Linux Kernel 6.1
  • Flatpak support out-of-the-box, though need to install, remove apps from command line.
  • AppImage support.
  • Notification center.
  • Global menu (if app support it) in top-panel.
  • Dark mode, Do not disturb, Screenshot buttons in system tray menu.
  • Some new wallpapers.

IMO, Cutefish OS is not ready for beginners without any Linux experience. It has bugs! Some applications, such as Synaptic, even refuse to start from Launcher. I have to start it from command line. “Additional Drivers” does not exist, though it lists as an application in launcher.

See Cutefish OS with more screenshots

Download Cutefish OS

To try out Cutefish OS, you may download the iso image either from its website, or using the sourceforge link:

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