HP Printer Driver HPLIP 3.21.6 Adds Fedora 34, Ubuntu 21.04, Debian 10.9 Support

photo by Mahrous Houses

HPLIP, HP Linux Imaging and Printing, released version 3.21.6 with new Linux Distributions support.

HPLIP is a free and open-source project initiated and led by HP Inc. It supplies printer drivers so far with thousands of HP printer modules support. So it makes printing, scanning, and faxing easy with HP’s inkjet and laser printers in Linux.

HP offers help and support for HPLIP. And the project includes an automated installer, a graphical toolbox tool and faxing applications, as well as a number of command-line utilities.

HPLIP screenshot from wikipedia.org

Though it’s now July, HP announced HPLIP 3.21.6 with some new Linux Distributions support. They are:

  • Fedora 34
  • Ubuntu 21.04
  • OpenSuse 15.3
  • Debian 10.9

Nothing else according to the release note.

How to Get HPLIP 3.21.6

The .run installer for the current and old releases is available to download at the link below:

Once you got it, open terminal, add executable permission, and run the installer to start installing the driver:

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