Firefox 114 Released! FIDO2/WebAuthn Authenticators over USB, DNS over HTTPS Exception

A new rapid release, Firefox 114, is available to download today! See the new features in this popular free open-source web browser.

Firefox 114 now includes the “DNS over HTTPS” settings page under “Privacy & Security” tab in Settings. Where, as well has a link to open to new UI for managing Exception lists.

For macOS, Linux, and Windows 7, it can now use FIDO2 / WebAuthn authenticators over USB. Some advanced features, such as fully password-less logins, require a PIN to be set on the authenticator.

A ‘Search history‘ option is added to the History, Library or Application menu, allows to do restrict searches to your local browsing history.

For those who use the “Bookmarks menu” button in tool-bar, there’s now a “Search bookmarks” option added to that menu.

Other changes in Firefox 114 include:

  • Context menu option to re-order extensions in the extensions panel.
  • Pocket Recommended content can now be seen in France, Italy, and Spain.
  • MacOS can now capture video from cameras in all supported native resolutions, including resolutions higher than 1280×720
  • The calc() function now supports infinity and NaN constants
  • Enable WebTransport by default. Which, enables multiple use-cases that are hard or impossible to handle without it, especially for Gaming and live streaming.
  • Added support for ES Modules on DedicatedWorker and SharedWorker.
  • Add --compressed argument to Copy as cURL feature.
  • Support for the CSS Cascading Level 4 supports() syntax for @import rules.
  • Accurately recognize all the ARIA roles like banner, main, navigation, and contentinfo, etc.
  • Various security fixes and policy updates.

Get Firefox 114:

For the release note and official download link, go to the link button below:

Most Linux will build the latest Firefox package and publish it in system repository. So just wait and keep your system up to date!

For Ubuntu users who don’t like the Snap package, there’s Flatpak package and Mozilla Team PPA available for choices.

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