Make Linux Boot Menu Look Modern & Stylish via 4 Grub Themes

Want to change the look & feel of your Linux machine booting menu? Well, here are 4 Grub 2 themes will make it look modern and stylish.

GNU Grub, commonly referred to as GRUB, is a boot-loader used in most Linux distributions and the Solaris operating system on x86 systems.

While the look and feel is mostly blank and white, you can make the Grub boot menu distinctive or remarkable via themes.

And here I’m going to introduce 4 Grub themes: vimix, tela, stylish, and slaze. They are all designed by Vince Liuice.

Click on the pictures to preview these Grub themes:

How to Install:

The maintainer offers the source code as well as installer script available to download at the link below:

Grab the source tarball and do following steps to install the themes:

  1. Go to Downloads folder and extract the source.
  2. Open terminal and navigate to source folder via command:
    cd ~/Downloads/grub2-themes-2020-06-23

    Take care that the source folder name may be different depends on when you grab it. You may run cd ~/Downloads/grub2-themes* command instead

  3. Finally run the script to install a theme:
    sudo ./ --boot --vimix

The last command installs the vimix grub theme. For choices you may change it to --stylish, --tela, or --slaze.

You can add more flags:

  • --white to install theme via white color icons.
  • --ultrawide to install 2560×1080 background image – not available for slaze theme
  • --2k or --4k to install 2K or 4K background image.

For example, the command below will install the slaze theme with 2k background image and white color icons:

sudo ./ --boot --slaze --2k --white

Uninstall Grub Themes:

Open terminal and first navigate to the source folder that contains the installer script:

cd ~/Downloads/grub2-themes*

Then run command to uninstall the current theme via command:

sudo ./ --remove --vimix

Note you have to change --vimix to the current running boot theme in your machine.


As you can see, it’s easy to beautify Linux boot menu with Grub themes. By installing themes into /boot/grub/themes directory, you can simply change the themes via Grub Customizer tool under Appearance Settings tab.

Merilyn Ne
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