Visual Studio 2022 17.5 Released! All-in-one Search & Linux Console Integrated

Photo by Clément Hélardot on Unsplash

Microsoft announced the release of Visual Studio 2022 – 17.5 this Tuesday.

The new release features all-in-one search to quickly find Visual Studio files, types, and members in your code. It can be enabled in Tools > Manage Preview Features > “New Visual Studio Search experience (restart required)”.

It also introduced a AI powered in-line suggestions in your editor based on recent changes, new .http/.rest files make it easier to test and iterate on your APIs directly in Visual Studio.

See more about Visual Studio 2022 – 17.5 via official release note:

  • up to 80% faster .NET builds and debugger
  • deploy Azure Container Apps through the Publish window
  • integrated Accessibility Checker detects common accessibility issues for XAML applications.
  • View Blueprint references and associated assets directly in Visual Studio.
  • native Arm64 Clang toolset.
  • Linux Console in the Integrated Terminal
  • build and test multiple CMake targets at once
  • ability to open more than one serial port monitor at a time.
  • use an .config file to customize an offline layout.
  • Visual Studio 2022 and 2019 are now supported and available on Winget
  • Ability to apply update on app close.
  • Add audio cues to the Installer.

Get Visual Studio 2022 17.5

Microsoft website offers the download links for the new release binaries for Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

Linux user can select download the Visual Studio Code: .deb for Debian/Ubuntu, or .rpm for Fedora/REHL. For Ubuntu, there’s also an official Snap package available to install in Ubuntu Software, though it runs in sandbox. And, here’s a step by step tutorial to keep it up-to-date via apt repository.

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