Vector Drawing App Inkscape 1.2.1 Released with Important Fixes

Free open-source vector graphics editor Inkscape just got an update for users of the 1.2 release series.

The release features more than 5 crash fixes, over 25 bug fixes, 4 fixes for extension bugs, 15 improved user interface translations, 3 improved documentation translations and updated documentation.

Inkscape 1.2.1 fixed loss of drawing data occurring when performing the sequence copy-paste-undo with the Export dialog open. The startup is smoother even with many fonts installed and the Text and Font dialog open. Also, it ensures that filtered objects in multi-page documents show up on all pages of an exported PDF, not only the first.

Other changes include:

  • Image import and export in Snap application now works again.
  • For macOS, built-in ability to open PostScript/Encapsulated PostScript (.ps / .eps) files is back.
  • Add back ability to set a keyboard shortcut for swapping fill and stroke paint of an object
  • Rendering should be a little bit smoother now on Windows and macOS
  • See the full release note for more.

Get Inkscape:

The official download page offers the packages for macOS, Windows, and GNU/Linux:

Though, it also available as universal Flatpak for most Linux, Snap package in Ubuntu Software. There’s as well an official Ubuntu PPA contains classic .deb package for Ubuntu, Linux Mint, etc users.

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