Ubuntu 23.10 Dev Adds Dark Variant Default Wallpaper

In recent update of Ubuntu 23.10 development build, it now has new light /dark mode wallpapers as default!

That means the default wallpaper has 2 photo images, one in light and another in darker style. So, switching to dark style system color scheme also switches to the darker wallpaper style.

The feature was first introduced in the release of GNOME 42. Which, has been using for a while in Fedora Workstation!  However, Ubuntu 22.04 has a custom ‘Background’ settings page that does NOT support this feature.

Since Ubuntu 23.04 (or maybe Ubuntu 22.10), it follows GNOME’s policy to use ‘Appearance‘ settings page for user wallpaper and Dark style options. And, there are 2 optional wallpapers that have dark variant images.

Ubuntu 23.04 has 2 optional wallpapers with Darker variant

Now, in Ubuntu 23.10 Daily build edition, it finally has default wallpaper with dark variant.

Ubuntu 23.10 Dev has dark variant default wallpaper

And, here are the preview of the two wallpaper images:

They are obviously NOT the default wallpapers for the final release of Ubuntu 23.10.

But, the change implies that Ubuntu may finally follow the GNOME & Fedora’s step to use light/dark mode wallpapers as default.

And, for those who want to make their own light/dark mode wallpapers, try this step-by-step tutorial.

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