Ubuntu 22.10 in Beta Now! New Features via Screenshots & Video

Ubuntu 22.10, code-name “Kinetic Kudu”, now is in beta stage! Final release will be due on October 20.

It’s a short term release with 9-month support until July 2023. And, here are a brief overview the new features.

Linux Kernel 5.19

Ubuntu 22.10 is powered by the latest 5.19 Kernel series with most recent hardware support, such as Realtek 8852ce, Apple M1 NVMe controller, and Lenovo X12 trackpoint.

With Kernel 5.19, you’ll get faster game experience due to new futex_waitv() syscall. And, Intel Laptops won’t running hot and draining the battery fast while sleeping.

Ubuntu Desktop

For the desktop edition, you’ll find that the default sound server is now PipeWire instead of PulseAudio. The WebP image format is supported out-of-the-box.

And, it features the default GNOME 43 desktop with following changes:

  • New system status menu (aka Quick Settings).
  • New menu option to trigger Screenshot UI.
  • Remove ‘Background’ settings. Instead, use ‘Appearance’ for wallpaper selection. Thus, it supports for light/dark wallpapers (See how to create one).
  • New ‘Ubuntu Desktop’ settings to configure Dock & Desktop icons, that were previously in ‘Appearance’.
  • Redesigned files context menu.
  • “Undo” popup moved to bottom when deleting files.
  • Add Undo/Redo in Files (aka Nautilus) hamburger menu (‘☰’).
  • For app with multiple windows opened, it’s easy to switch windows by clicking app icon on the dock.
  • Use Gnome Text Editor as default text editor instead of GEdit.
  • The Calendar app now is adaptive and includes a left sidebar when in large window size.
  • GNOME To Do no longer pre-installed, but available in Ubuntu Software via ‘Endeavour’.


Toolkit updates and other changes include:

  • Ubuntu Unity as new official flavor.
  • BlueZ 5.65
  • CUPS 2.4 3
  • Python 3.10
  • Php 8.1
  • Mesa 22.2
  • HPLIP 3.22.6.

Get Ubuntu 22.10

The desktop and server ISO images are available to download at the link below:

For disco images of official flavors, including KUbuntu 22.10, LUbuntu 22.10, Ubuntu Budgie 22.10, XUbuntu 22.10, Ubuntu MATE 22.10, Ubuntu Studio 22.10, Ubuntu Unity 22.10, as well as official announcement, go to this page.

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