Shotcut 21.01.29 Released with AV1 Decoding & Encoding Support

Shotcut, free and open-source cross-platform video editor, release version 21.01.29 with new feature AV1 Codec support.

A lot of people are unexepectedly downloading AV1 from YouTube, and this makes Shotcut comptible with those files.

Please be aware that AV1 encoding is naturally very slow and that is not a bug.

The release also features Advanced mode to the Properties > Convert to Edit-friendly dialog with: detection of a HDR transfer function; Convert to BT.709 colorspace that provides HDR-to-SDR tone mapping; Deinterlace option outputs one frame for each field; Override frame rate and Frame rate conversion with Blend and Motion Compensation options.

Other features in Shotcut 21.01.29 include:

  • Add Use Higher Performance Waveforms to Timeline and Keyframes menus.
  • Add video filter Reduce Noise: Quantization.
  • Add Color space and Color transfer to Properties > Video.
  • Improve multi-threaded performance of video track blending and some video filters
  • Finished converting Timeline, Filters, & Keyframes to Qt Quick Controls 2 API.

Download & Install Shotcut in Linux:

Shotcut offers official Linux binary packages through Linux portable, Appimage, Snap, and Flatpak.

  • Linux portable – Just extract and run executable file to launch the editor. You may need to install JACK.
  • Appimage – single executable file, first add permission via file “Properties -> Permissions”, then click to launch it.
  • Snap – universal Linux package runs in sandbox.
  • Flatpak – another universal Linux package runs in sandbox.

All the packages are available to download at the link below:

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