Android Remote Control App ‘Scrcpy’ 2.0 Released with Audio Support

Scrcpy, the popular free and open-source application for mirroring and controlling Android in PC, now is at 2.0 release!

Scrcpy 2.0 added audio support! Not only display Android screen on your PC desktop, it now also sends the sound to the speaker of your PC. The feature is enabled by default, though Android 11 and higher required. In case you want to disable it, simply start the app with scrcpy --no-audio. For more about the new audio feature, see the announcement.

Scrcpy by default display the Android screen in PC using h264 video codec. Start in the new release, user can use h265 video codec by starting it via scrcpy --video-codec h265. If your Android device support AV1 encoding, you can even use scrcpy --video-codec av1 to send the video via AV1 video codec.

To make life easier, it now supports for using scrcpy --list-encoders command to list all support video and audio encoders in your Android devices. And, --list-displays is also available to list all displays.

Other changes in Scrcpy 2.0 include:

  • Fix clicks on Chrome when --forward-on-clicks is enabled
  • Retry on spurious encoder error
  • Make --turn-screen-off work on all displays
  • Restore resizing workaround for Windows
  • Upgrade platform-tools to 34.0.1 (adb) in Windows releases
  • Upgrade FFmpeg to 6.0 in Windows releases (and use a minimal build)
  • Upgrade SDL to 2.26.4 in Windows releases

How to Get Scrcpy 2.0

For macOS, the latest release is available in Homebrew. For Windows, just follow this official install guide.

And for Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, Arch, etc users, I’ve written a step by step guide for how to install & use Scrcpy to remote screen your Android device. Though, user can follow the official guide to get the latest release from source.

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