MPV 0.36 Released with Vulkan based Hardware Decoding

MPV, the popular free open-source media player, released version 0.36 few days ago.

The new MPV 0.36 features Vulkan-based hardware decoding support for rendering video playback using your GPU.

The release also improved Linux Wayland support! It now supports fractional scaling, OSD, content-type protocols in Wayland. And, it fixed memory leak when working in wayland with multiple monitors.

MPV 0.36 also added new command options, they include:

  • New --force-render option
  • Global volume control via --pipewire-volume-mode
  • add –demuxer-hysteresis-secs option to save power with caching
  • add --tone-mapping-visualize
  • New option --auto-window-resize
  • --drag-and-drop option
  • --corner-rounding option
  • --input-cursor-passthrough option

Other changes include:

  • add window-id, platform property
  • support ARIB captions
  • support mapping HDR10+ dynamic metadata
  • allow screenshots in native colorspace
  • add support for Vulkan-based hardware decoding
  • support yuv420p format
  • webdav:// and webdavs:// urls support.

How to Get MPV 0.36 in your Linux

For the source tarball, as well as the official release note, go:

For Debian 11/12 stable and Ubuntu 22.04 users, I have a step by step tutorial about how to install the mpv 0.36.

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