Mozilla Firefox 83 Released with HTTPs-Only Mode, Faster Page Loading

Mozilla Firefox web browser 83.0 was released on Tuesday. Here’s what’s new and how to get it in Linux.

Firefox 83 brings significant updates to its JavaScript engine, SpiderMonkey, which improves page loading (up to 15%), page responsiveness (up to 12%), and reduces memory usage by up to 8%.

The new release also introduces Https-only mode. You’ll get “Secure Connection Not Available” alert, when visiting a web page does not support https, with options to “Go back” or “Continue to HTTP Site”.

To enable https-only mode, simply go to about:preferences > Privacy & Security, and scroll down to get the options.

Other changes in Firefox 83 include:

  • Pink zooming support for Windows touchscreen and Mac touchpad devices.
  • Support keyboard shortcuts for fast forwarding and rewinding pop-out videos.
  • UI improvement to screen sharing.
  • Improved functionality for search features.
  • AcroForm support allows to fill in, print, and save supported PDF forms
  • Pocket recommendations for users in India on the English build of Firefox
  • WebRender support on more devices.
  • And security, accessibility fixes

How to Get Firefox 83 in Linux:

Major Linux Distributions, including Ubuntu, Fedora, Linux Mint, will publish the latest Firefox packages in their official repositories. So the best way to install the latest Firefox is just wait and install updates via system’s update manager.

Can’t wait? You can either install the universal Linux flatpak package or download the official Linux package (portable) from its website:

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