Minimize Window on Click its App icon on Dock in Manjaro GNOME

Using Manjaro Linux GNOME edition? This simple tutorial shows how to enable the behavior that ‘minimize opened app window on click its icon‘.

Like Ubuntu, Manjaro GNOME uses dash-to-dock extension for its bottom dock launcher. You can click app icon on it to launch corresponding software, however, click on the icon again does NOT minimize it by default.

To enable this feature, you can either run a single command in terminal or use a ‘Extension’ management tool. And, here I’m going to show you how step by step.

This tutorial also works in Ubuntu, and other GNOME based Linux with Dash-to-Dock extension.

Option 1: Single command to enable ‘Minimize on Click’

For those who are familiar with Linux commands, this job can be done by running single gsettings command.

First, either press Super (Windows Logo) key or click top-left ‘Activities’ to open overview. Then, search for and launch “terminal”.

When terminal opens, run command:

gsettings set click-action 'minimize'

Instead of 'minimize', you may also set to ‘minimize-or-overview‘ or ‘focus-minimize-or-appspread’, etc.

The change applies immediately once you hit Enter to run the command.

Option 2: Use ‘Gnome Extensions’ or ‘Extension Manager’

This step does NOT work on Ubuntu earlier than Ubuntu 23.10. Try 'Option 3'.

For a graphical way, first search for and launch either “Gnome Extensions” or “Extension Manager”. If the app does not exist, try installing it from your system package manager.

When the app opens, scroll down and find out the “Dash to Dock” (or Ubuntu Dock) extension, then click on ‘Settings’ button.

Finally, navigate to ‘Behavior’ tab in pop-up dialog and set “Click Action” to ‘minimize’.

Option 3: Use ‘Dconf Editor’

For choice, you may also use ‘Dconf Editor’ configuration tool to do the job.

First, launch ‘Add/Remove Software’ utility and then search & install ‘Dconf Editor’.

Then, launch ‘Dconf Editor’ and navigate to /org/gnome/shell/extensions/dash-to-dock. Finally, scroll down and find out “click-action”. Click to go to its settings page, disable default value and set custom value to ‘minimize’.

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