Kdenlive Video Editor 20.12 Released with New Effects, New Subtitling Tool

The KDE’s Kdenlive video editor 20.12 was officially released recently with great new features, batch of bug-fixes, and performance improvements.

Work was done on performance optimizations (by Martin Tobias Holmedahl Sandsmark) resulting in a snappier timeline, improved thumbnail creation and faster project opening.

According to the release note, the new release of the video editor brings the long requested same track transition feature, which can be enabled activated by selecting a clip and pressing u or via the icon in the timeline toolbar.

The new release also features new subtitling tool allows you to add and edit subtitles directly in the timeline on a special subtitle track or by using the new subtitle widget.

New & updated Effects include:

  • An overhauled effects layout
  • New Pillar Echo effect for your vertical videos.
  • Crop by padding effect can now be keyframed.
  • New VR 360 and 3D effects for working with 360º and 3D stereoscopic footage.
  • New Video Equalizer for adjusting image brightness, contrast, saturation and gamma.

Other changes include:

  • Import (SRT/ASS) and export (SRT) subtitles.
  • Rename and add/edit the description of custom effects.
  • Clips in the timeline change color according to their tag in the project bin.
  • Ability to enable/disable normalization of audio thumbnails from track header.
  • Ability to delete multiple tracks at once.
  • The Online Resources tool was ported to qtwebengine

How to Install Kdenlive 20.12 in Linux:

The video editor is available as non-install Appimage package for Linux. Along with Windows EXE you can download it from the link below:

Kdenlive is also available via Ubuntu PPA and universal Linux Flatpak, see this how to guide for more.

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