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Inkscape 1.2 Alpha is out! See What’s New in Next of The Vector Graphics Editor

The first alpha for the next major Inkscape 1.2 is out. See what’s new in the next major release of the free open-source vector graphics editor.

The development team announced the stable Inkscape 1.1.2 along with the alpha for next major a day ago. The stable version is a bug-fix release that solves nearly 60 issues and improves 15 languages support. While the upcoming Inkscape 1.2 provides some long awaited features and major UX changes.

Next Features in Inkscape 1.2 so far include:

  • Multi-page documents support, via the new Page tool.
  • Editable markers and dash patterns.
  • Merge ‘Layers’ and ‘Objects’ dialogs.
  • On-canvas alignment snapping.
  • Selectable object origin for numerical scaling and moving
  • All alignment options in a single dialog.
  • Gradient editing in the Fill and Stroke dialog
  • Redesigned Export dialog with preview.
  • A new ‘Copies’ Live Path Effect
  • Batch export to multiple file formats, including SVG & PDF
  • Configurable tool bar and many more new customization options

Get Inkscape:

The official release note as well as the download links are available via the link below:

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