GNOME 46 Release Schedule is Out!

The GNOME developer team revealed the release plan of GNOME 46!

GNOME 46 is due to release on March 20, 2024. It will be an IMPORTANT release, since Ubuntu 24.04 LTS (which has 5 years support) will most probably take use it as default desktop environment. As well, it may also be default in Fedora 40 Workstation.

Before the stable release, there will be a alpha, beta, and rc releases for testing purpose. See the table below more details:

GNOME 46 Release Schedule

January 6, 2024 GNOME 46, Alpha Release
February 10, 2024 GNOME 46, Beta Release. UI, Feature, ABI/API Freeze
February 24, 2024 String Freeze
March 2, 2024 GNOME 46, RC Release
March 13, 2024 Soft translation deadline
March 20, 2024 GNOME 46 Stable Release
April 20, 2024 GNOME 46.1 Release

As you see in the table, the release date of GNOME 46 Beta is also the UI, feature and API/ABI freeze. Meaning no UI changes, no new features and functions may be made without approval from the release-team. Developers focus on stability, and bug-fixes for the existing features. So does the ‘String Freeze’ on February 24.

via: GNOME Wiki.

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