Firefox 88 Released! FTP Disabled, Touchpad Pinch Zoom Support for Linux

Mozilla Firefox web browser released version 88.0 a day ago with new features and privacy improvements.

Firefox 88 introduced a new protection against privacy leaks. By clearing the property when you navigate between websites, trackers are no longer able to abuse the data.

data stored in the property was allowed by all major browsers to persist across page visits in the same tab, allowing different websites you visit to share data about you.

Another feature in the release is that pinch-zooming using a touchpad. Firefox 83 mimics the functionality of the Safari browser and Chromium-based browsers. And now it’s available for Linux users.

To reduces the likelihood of an attack, Firefox finally disabled the FTP support. And planned to completely remove it in the upcoming release.

Other changes include:

  • PDF forms now support JavaScript embedded in PDF files.
  • Print updates: Margin units are now localized.
  • The ‘Take a Screenshot’ option moved to page context menu.
  • New toggle button for developers to toggle raw data.
  • Various security fixes, new policies.

How to Get Firefox 88:

Many popular Linux systems build and publish the latest Firefox packages in their main repositories. So just wait, Firefox 88 will be available to update in system Update Manager in next few days.

For the release note as well as the Linux tarball, go to:

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