Firefox 110 Released with WebGL 2D/3D Graphics & Video Playback Improvements

Mozilla Firefox announced the new 110.0 rapid release today. See new features in this release of the popular free and open-source web browser.

Firefox 110.0 improved the security for Windows user by enabling sandbox protections for the GPU process. However, there’s a bug that may cause mouse wheel scrolling to stop working. The developers are working on an update for the issue.

There’s also a about:third-party page available that list all third-party modules. There, user can block any harmful modules that can cause browse crashes.

Firefox third-party modules

For Windows 10 and Windows 11 with non-intel GPUs, it enables overlay of hardware-decoded video with non-Intel GPUs, causing better video playback performance and video scaling quality.

For all desktop platforms, Windows, macOS and Linux, Firefox 110 improved the performance for WebGL, a JavaScript API for rendering interactive 2D and 3D graphics, such as web games and online designs.

Other changes in Firefox 110.0 include:

  • Add support import bookmarks, history and passwords from Opera, Opera GX, and Vivaldi.
  • Clear date, time, and datetime-local input fields via Ctrl/Cmd + Backspace and Ctrl/Cmd + Delete.
  • Enable GPU-accelerated Canvas2D by default on macOS and Linux.
  • Get Colorways from addon webpage.
  • Support CSS named pages, CSS size container queries
  • Various bug fixes and new policy changes.

Download Firefox 110.0

The official release note as well as the download link is available in the Firefox website via the link button below:

For most Linux, just keep your system up-to-date. Your distribution will build and publish the package in next a few days. For Ubuntu 22.04 and higher prefer the classic .deb package, the latest Firefox is available to install via this PPA repository.

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