Fedora Linux 38 Beta Released! GNOME 44 & Kernel 6.2.2

Fedora 38 is in Beta now! See what’s new in the upcoming release of this popular Linux distribution.

Fedora Linux is the upstream distribution for Red Hat Enterprise Linux. The new version 38 features the latest Linux Kernel 6.2 series, and GNOME 44 for the workstation.

GNOME 44 desktop has a bigger user avatar icon and bold username for the lock/login screen.

Bigger avatar image

The top-right corner system menu (aka Quick Settings) now has the option to manage the background applications.

The Settings, also known as Gnome Control Center, has been revamped with clean and easy understand settings page for mouse & touchpad. Enable Wi-Fi hotspot now provides a QR code to make it easy to connect from mobile devices.

The native file chooser dialog now has a big icon view mode. And, the Nautilus file browser now has expandable folders in List View mode.

With third-party repositories enabled, Gnome Software now supports unfiltered view of applications on Flathub. Meaning user can search for and install all available Flatpak apps in Flathub.org through the built-in Software app.

Other changes in Fedora 38 include Ruby 3.2, gcc 13, LLVM 16, Golang 1.20, PHP 8.2, and more. See official announcement.

Get Fedora Linux 38

To download the beta image for Fedora 38 Workstation, Server, loT, Cloud and/or CoreOS, go to:

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