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Fedora 36 Released! Kernel 5.17, GNOME 42 & Wayland for NVIDIA User

Fedora Linux 36 was finally released! Let’s see what’s new in this modern Linux release.

The new release now has Linux Kernel 5.17.5 with more recent hardware support. The desktop edition, Fedora Workstation comes with the cool GNOME 42 desktop environments that features:

  • Dark mode color scheme, available to apply in “Appearance” settings.
  • Built-in screenshot UI, press PrintScreen to get it.
  • GTK4 + libadwaita for modern look & feel for some core apps.
  • Microsoft RDP protocol for built-in Remote Desktop.
  • New default app: GNOME Text Editor.

The new desktop also introduced a new ‘Gnome Console’ terminal application. It’s available in Fedora 36 repository, but not pre-installed as default.

For user running with NVIDIA’s proprietary graphics driver, the desktop session now defaults to Gnome on Wayland with hardware acceleration support!

Other changes in Fedora 36 include:

  • Ansible 5
  • Cockpit now has a module for NFS and Samba shares
  • Podman 4.0, Ruby 3.1, Golang 1.18 and PHP 8.1.

Fedora workstation 36 screenshots:

Download Fedora 36:

You can download the desktop, server, loT images, as well as alternative desktop editions such as KDE, XFCE, LxQt from its official website via the link below:

Besides 64-bit PC images, alternate architectures including ARM AArch64, Power, and S390x are also supported! See the announcement for more about Fedora 36.

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