Elementary OS 7 Released! Ubuntu 22.04 base & better Small Displays Support

elementary OS 7.0 release finally is out! Codename “Horus”, Ubuntu 22.04 package base, and Linux Kernel 5.15.

The new release improved the core applications and overall performances to make it work in devices with small displays such as notebooks and tablets.

The AppCenter is now resizable to automatically fit the screen size. And, it can now automatically install updates for Flatpak applications while there’s a toggle option to disable the feature. Like Microsoft Windows, it now downloads and prepares OS updates silently in the background during your session, and allows to install them offline when shutdown or restart computer.

AppCenter resizable

The Granite app framework added support for GTK4. And, some core applications, including Calculator, Sideload, Shortcuts, Music and Onboard, have been ported to GTK4. The Music app as well is rewritten from scratch with modern user interface, which also adaptive for small displays.

eOS 7 Music app

The release also include the Feedback app in start menu, allowing to easily report for specific application or component. Though, user needs a github account for reporting issues.

Feedback App

The Power settings page now include power profile management, allows to switch between power saving, balance, and performance mode (if available).

Other changes in elementary OS 7 include:

  • Ship Gnome Web 43 for creating web apps.
  • Mail supports Microsoft 365 Accounts.
  • Tasks has offline support for newly created tasks list, and sync remote lists when network becomes available.
  • Send notifications when a task is due.
  • Online Accounts has offline support for CalDAV accounts.
  • Option to select folders with single click.
  • Printer settings gains ability to clear print queue per printer, and ink levels view.
  • Custom commands for hotcorners.
  • Support WPA3 networks.
  • Support Rime input method for Chinese.
  • Terminal and Code can follow system-wide color scheme.

Get elementary OS 7

For the official release note, as well as disco image, go to the OS website:

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