5 Cool Animation Effects to Make Your Ubuntu/Fedora Desktop Shine

For Ubuntu, Fedora, or other Linux with GNOME Desktop, here are 5 extensions to enable cool window animations in your PC.

GNOME has some basic window and system animations by default. I’ve taught about how to disable animation to speed up Ubuntu. For modern computers, user may instead want to try out more animation effects.


For Ubuntu, users need to install ‘chrome-gnome-shell‘ package before installing an extension. To do so, open terminal (press Ctrl+Alt+T on keyboard) and run command:

sudo apt install chrome-gnome-shell
Ubuntu defaults to Firefox as SNAP package since Ubuntu 21.10. Which however does not support installing Gnome Extensions so far. Use another web browser or install Firefox as native DEB instead.

And in extension web page, user may need to install the browse extension via ‘click here to install browser extension‘ link and refresh the web page until being able to install the extension.

1. Set your Windows on Fire

This is my top favorite animation. When closing an app window, it enables the cool effect by burning down the window.

Not only burning effect, it can also applies Broken Glass, Energize, TV close, Matrix, T-Rex Attack, Wisps effects on app close.

The extension supports GNOME from version 3.36 to 41 so far. So Ubuntu 20.04+, Fedora 32+, Debian 11, and Arch Linux etc are supported.

2. Magic Lamp

Like macOS Genie Effect minimize animation, this extension adds animation when minimizing and restoring an app window in GNOME. It’s an old Compiz alike magic lamp effect, which also available in KDE. And, the extension supports for all current GNOME versions.

3. Wobbly windows

This is another old-school Compiz alike effect. When dragging windows around, the UI becomes wobbly. KDE also supports for the animation effects. And all GNOME versions are supported via the extension below:

4. Desktop Cube:

Desktop Cube was a popular Compiz effect that turns all desktop workspaces into a 3D rotatable cube.

This extension so far does not fully revive the old-fashioned ‘Desktop Cube’ Compiz effect. It’s sill in development! At the moment, it only turns workspaces in 3D cube and adds effect on switching. And, it requires GNOME 40+ which means Ubuntu 21.10+ and/or Fedora 34+ is required.

5. Coverflow Alt-Tab:

Missing Windows 7 Aero Flip 3D feature? Gnome has an extension to implement similar animation when switching app windows using Alt+Tab keyboard shortcut.

It lists all opened windows in a stylish 3D view, and switches with animation. And, the extension is available for all current GNOME versions.


In this tutorial you’ll see the 5 Gnome extensions to enable cool animation effects. They are ‘Burn my Windows’, ‘Desktop Cube’, ‘Wobbly Windows’, ‘Magic Lamp’, and ‘Coverflow Alt Tab’. If you found more animations, feel free to leave a comment below.

Merilyn Ne
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