NewCaw to be Native GTK4 Twitter Client for Linux Deskop/Mobile

Looking for a Twitter app for your Linux? NewCaw is a stylish GTK4 app worth to except for GNOME Desktop.

The modern GNOME desktop, defaults in Ubuntu, Fedora, and many other Linux, is shifting to GTK4 toolkit for creating graphical app user interfaces. Along with many other GNOME apps, the native GTK twitter client ‘cawbird’ is developing 2.0 release for GTK4 port, which is going to be NewCaw.

Cawbird and NewCaw:

Cawbird is a free open-source twitter client forked from the discontinued ‘Corebird’ project. It provides a native user interface for Linux via GTK3 toolkit. The app is available in official Linux distros repositories (e.g., Fedora 30+, Arch Linux, Solus and NixOS). And, it also available as Snap on and Flatpak in

NewCaw is a rewrite of Cawbird. It will be Cawbird 2.0 when the work done! To follow the current Gnome HIG (Human Interface Guidelines), NewCaw uses GTK4 and libadwaita library to build its UI with round window corners and adaptive design that works on more screen sizes (e.g., Linux mobile).

It will also rewrite the backend, provide support for the upcoming API v2.0 for Twitter, and the Mastodon API if possible.

NewCaw GTK4 Twitter Client – Picture from

How to Get NewCaw:

The project so far is in very early stage. No binary package at the moment, but you may grab the source and/or contribute to:

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