Enable Wifi Hotspot with 5G, Different Channel in Ubuntu 20.04

It’s easy to enable Wifi Hotspot in Ubuntu 20.04 since it offers an option in the Setting tool. What if you want to change the mode, 5G or 2.4G, channel, security type, and so forth?

First to enable Wifi Hotspot, simply open System Settings and click the three dots icon to get the menu on the first tab.

Then you can do following steps to get more options:

  1. Press Alt+F2 on keyboard to bring up a ‘Run a Command’ box, type in nm-connection-editor and hit Enter.

  2. In the pop-up window, double-click to edit the “Hotspot” connection.

  3. You can finally change the wifi mode, 2.4G or 5G, security type, IPv4 / IPv6, and more settings in the new dialog.

That’s it. Enjoy!

Hi, I'm Merilyn Ne, a computer geek working on Ubuntu Linux for many years and would like to write useful tips for beginners. Forgive me for language mistakes. I'm not a native speaker of English.