Ubuntu is making GNOME Weather as Snap App

Ubuntu is porting applications to Snap in recent years. The next could be GNOME Weather!

Snap is a containerised package format developed by Ubuntu, as a competitor to Flatpak. You may found that in recent Ubuntu releases, the core apps, e.g., Ubuntu Software and Firefox web browser, have been replaced as Snap packages.

Just a few hours ago, the desktop team announced that Ubuntu now is making a gnome-weather snap.

Gnome Weather

You probably know that GNOME Weather is one of the core apps for GNOME Desktop. It’s available in every Ubuntu releases’ repository, but not pre-installed.

The simple app allows to monitor current weather conditions for your city, or anywhere in the world. And, it shows forecasts in 24 hours and next 7 days.

It also integrates with the GNOME Shell, allowing to search current conditions of the most recently searched cities by just typing the name in the Activities Overview. Though, you need to enable it in ‘Gnome Control Center -> Search‘ page. As well, it shows next hours forecasts in the date and time drop-down menu.

Good side and bad side of Snap

Snap runs in sandbox, and comes with most run-times bundled. With it, you can run the most recent applications and keep it up-to-date without worrying about the dependencies, since your core system libraries are getting old.

However, as a Snap it might sometimes have compatibility issues. IMO, Snap apps launch a bit slow than the native .deb apps. And, some users do not like Snap just because Ubuntu is forcing Snap without choices.

As it has done for Firefox and Chromium, if Ubuntu includes GNOME Weather as Snap in system repository, the classic .deb will probably gone and become a wrapper to snap.

Gnome Weather Snap development page:

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