Ubuntu 22.04 LTS is Out! Kernel 5.15, Gnome 42, OpenSSL 3.0 & More

Ubuntu developer team finally announced the release of Ubuntu 22.04!

Ubuntu 22.04, code-name “Jammy Jellyfish”, is a long term support release with 5-year support for its desktop, server, cloud and sever editions! It features Linux Kernel 5.15, Gnome 42 desktop, New Logo, and significant desktop performance improvements.

Ubuntu New Logo

For desktop users, you’ll see that Ubuntu 22.04 has a clean and elegant appearance. The light/dark mode now applies system wide: both app windows and system menus. As well, there are 10 colors in “Appearance” settings page, allows to change the color of on/off switch, slider bar, highlight text, etc.

Ubuntu 22.04 Appearance Settings

Thanks to GNOME 42, you may now take screenshots, record desktop using the built-in UI. Just press Print-Screen on keyboard, then you may capture a selection area, app window, and/or the whole screen.

New screenshot UI

For Laptop users, you may use 3-finger left/right touchpad gesture to switch workspaces, and 3-finger up/down to toggle ‘Activities’ overview. And, there are new power-mode profiles, available in both system settings and top-right system menu.

Other changes in Ubuntu 22.04 include:

  • New desktop icons and dock settings under “Appearance” page.
  • Support hardware with privacy screen support
  • Use RDP protocol as default for remote desktop sharing.
  • Firefox now switched to Snap.
  • nftables is now the default backend for the firewall
  • Update OpenSSL library to the new 3.0 version
  • GCC 11.2, Python 3.10, golang 1.18, LLVM 14, Perl 5.34, OpenJDK 11, and Ruby 3.0.
  • There are also CUPS 2.4, Mesa 22, xdg-desktop-portal 1.14, and many other package updates, see release note for detail.

Get Ubuntu 22.04:

To download the desktop, server, cloud, loT and other flavors, just go to Ubuntu website:

The upgrade channel for Ubuntu 21.10 will be available soon. Though for Ubuntu 20.04, it’s planned for the 4th of August at the release of Ubuntu 22.04.1. See Ubuntu’s upgrade guide.

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