Shutter Screenshot App 0.96 Released! Finally Ported to GTK3

Shutter, the old popular Linux screenshot app, finally does no longer require the old GTK2/Gnome2 libraries.

Shutter is a feature-rich screenshot tool with a built-in editor. It supports for capturing selection area, full-screen, workspaces, app window, and app menu. You can then export screenshot to Imgur, Dropbox, or FTP server.

Since Shutter depended old Gnome 2 and GTK2 libraries and lacked of maintenance, it was removed from recent Linux distros’ repository, e.g, Ubuntu 20.04 +, Fedora 34.

By releasing version 0.95, the development is back and not the project is on github. And the most recent Shutter 0.96 announced that all old dependencies has gone:

  • Gtk2
  • Gtk2::ImageView
  • Gtk2::Unique
  • Gtk2::AppIndicator
  • Gnome2::Wnck
  • Goo::Canvas

And now, it requires:

  • Gtk3
  • Gtk3::ImageView >= 9
  • GooCanvas2
  • GooCanvas2::CairoTypes
  • libwnck-3, used via Glib Object Introspection

In addition, the release removed the option to capture a section of window, since it does not work on modern Qt and Gtk interfaces.

There are also known issues including:

  • Multiple screens might or might not be broken
  • HiDPI screens might do screenshot of a nested menu in a wrong place

Download Shutter 0.96:

The source tarball is available to download at the project page:

For Linux binary packages, there are third-party PPAs for Ubuntu, Linux Mint based systems, and AUR repository for Arch Linux. Go check this page for more.

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