Get Rounded Bottom Corners in Gnome with Default Adwaita Theme

For Gnome users prefer app window with rounded bottom corners, it’s easy to do it with the default Adwaita theme.

Adwaita Rounded is a patch to make the bottom corners rounded, and add some padding to the gnome-terminal.

The “script” is a workaround, as far as I know, the corners must be fixed at the core of programs. Since that, the developer does not recommend the script for everyone, only for people who really dislikes the square corners and use the default Adwaita theme.

For the Gnome Terminal, it’s better to use the default background colors and disable the scrollbar. Or, it will look broken.

How to Install The Patch:

Firstly, open terminal and run command to grab the source code:

git clone

Then go into the source folder via cd command:

cd adwaita-rounded

Finally run the script and done!


Once installed, re-open app windows to check out the result.

How to Restore:

To restore the changes, simply remove the gtk.css file from your ~/.config/gtk-3.0/, either via file browser or by running command in terminal:

rm ~/.config/gtk-3.0/gtk.css
Merilyn Ne
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