Rhino – New Rolling Release Linux Distro based on Ubuntu

Prefer a single and constantly updated Linux system? There’s one new rolling release distribution that is based on Ubuntu.

It’s Rhino Linux, a free and open-source community maintained system, that features the lightweight XFCE desktop environment, working on x86_64, ARM, Pine64 and Raspberry Pi devices.

Besides useing Ubuntu Devel repositories for the latest software packages, it also features Pacstall package manager, Arch Linux AUR for Ubuntu. Which, provide latest software packages that are even not available in Ubuntu repositories, including the Linux kernel, Firefox, Rhino Linux specific applications and themes.

Rhino has a Ubuntu similar desktop layout, with panel in top and dock (plank) in left.

It has a Gnome ‘app grid’ style full-screen app launcher with search support, a workspace switcher with vertical view, and an on screen search can be triggered by “Super + S” keyboard shortcut.

For software developers, it also has VSCodium pre-installed out-of-the-box.

And, there’s NO Snap, NO Flatpak, and even NO AppImage support. Though, they are easy to install.

As a rolling release Distro like Arch Linux, Rhino Linux is more bleeding-edge but less stable. It’s NOT recommended for beginners, since it even does not have a graphical package manager. But, advanced users who always want to have more control over their system can take a try!

Get Rhino Linux

For more about Rhino Linux as well as the disco image, go to its website via the link below:

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