OnlyOffice Desktop Editors 6.1.0 Released with FB2 Support, HTML Format Rewritten

The OnlyOffice office suite, formerly TeamLab, released version 6.1.0 for its offline use desktop editors a few days ago.

The new release features fb2 format support, complete redone html-based formats (ePub, mht, html), ability to set custom angle for gradient fill, new icons in context menu, support of AutoFormat as you type, ability to copy comment from left sidebar, and translate plugin uses Google Translate, instead of Yandex.

There are also Document Editor specific changes including:

  • Ability to show line numbering
  • Ability to add cross-reference
  • Add support of endnotes
  • Ability to edit AutoCorrect list
  • Select Data button in Chart Editor

And Spreadsheet Editor specific changes including:

  • Ability to work with sheet view (available only for paid version)
  • Support of editing data ranges in Chart
  • Redone cell editor height change
  • New cursor for column\row hover
  • Ability to hide freeze pane shadow
  • Pivot Table can be inserted from Insert tab

How to Get OnlyOffice Desktop Editors for Linux:

The software offers Linux, Windows, Mac OS packages as well as the source code available to download at the link below:

For Ubuntu, Debian, Linux Mint based systems download & install the .deb package. For Fedora, openSUSE based systems, grab the .rpm package.

The office suite is also available as official SNAP package and community maintained FLATPAK package. Both are universal Linux package formats run in sandbox.

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