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Nautilus-code: Add “Open Your IDE Here” Folder Context Menu in GNOME

Coding with GNOME Builder, VS Code, Sublime Text or PhpStorm in Linux? Here I’m going to introduce “nautilus-code“, an extension for GNOME Files (aka Nautilus) to add Open in your IDE context menu option.

Similar to ‘Open in Terminal‘, it’s a menu option when you right-clicking a folder or on blank area in file manager. Which brings up the corresponding application and automatically navigate to that folder as working directory.

With the extension, it automatically add the options for all supported code editors to right click menus. So far, they include:

  • GNOME Builder
  • Visual Studio Code: Official/Proprietary version from Microsoft, Insiders, VSCodium, Code – OSS
  • Sublime Text
  • PhpStorm

Meaning it can add “Open in Builder”, “Open in Code”, “Open in Sublime Text” etc, according which one or ones you installed. If you like this extension, you may also ask request for your favorite code editor or IDE.

How to Install Nautilus-code Extension

The extension so far does not provide pre-build binary packages. But Arch Linux user can install it from AUR repository, though GNOME 43 is required.

For Manjaro Linux with GNOME 43 (so far in Unstable repository), just search for and install “Nautilus code” via Install/Remove Software utility, after enabling AUR from Preference dialog.

Nautilus code in Manjaro’s pamac package installer

For other Linux, you may try building from the source by following the descriptions in the project page:

However, at the moment of writing it does not correctly detect the libnautilus-extension dependency. Since the package name varies in different Linux, it just refuses to build in my case in Ubuntu 22.04.

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