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Listen to Spotify in Linux with Myuzi (Ads Free / No Login Required)

Looking for a lightweight alternative to official Spotify client? Myuzi is the one for Linux and Chrome OS users.

It’s a free and open-source music steaming application written in Python programming language. The features make it different to the official Spotify app include:

  • No advertisements.
  • No account required.
  • Completely free and use GTK theme.

The app is so simple that it has only a few basic functions. It allows to search your favorite songs, and provides options to either play directly or add to your playlists.

There’s no download option, you just search and add songs to playlists. And, play them on line.

You may create as many playlists as you can to group your favorite songs. However, a poor internet connection may cause slow app response.

How to Install Myuzi

1. Download package:

The app works on most Linux systems, e.g., Debian/Ubuntu, Fedora, Arch, Raspberry Pi OS, and more. Firstly, download the package from its project page:

For Arch, Manjaro, etc, use the first AUR repository, while the second Flatpak package will work on all supported systems.

2. Setup Flatpak

Flatpak is available out-of-the-box in some Linux, including Linux Mint, Fedora, CentOS, Pop! OS, Zorion OS, Elementary OS, etc. But, most others need to install it manually.

For Debian/Ubuntu based systems, open terminal from start menu and run command to install it:

sudo apt install flatpak

Others can follow the official setup guide to get the daemon.

3. Install Myuzi as Flatpak

Finally, open the folder that you downloaded the package in step 1. Right-click on blank area and choose “Open in Terminal” (or ‘Open Terminal Here’)

Tip: some Linux (including Fedora, but NOT Ubuntu) supports installing local Flatpak package via double-click (or right-click -> "Software Install").

Then, install the package in pop-up terminal window via:

flatpak install myuzi.flatpak

Once installed, search for and open the app from system start menu or upper left ‘Activities‘ overview screen and enjoy!

Uninstall this Spotify Client

To remove the app package, simply open a terminal window and run command:

flatpak uninstall com.gitlab.zehkira.Myuzi

Add --delete-data flag if you don’t want to keep any local data, and remove useless run time libraries via flatpak uninstall --unused.

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