Inkscape 1.1 Released! New Welcome Screen, Command Palette & Display Mode

Inkscape, the free and open-source vector graphics editor, finally announced version 1.1.

The release introduced a new Welcome Screen. It’s made up of three tabs. The first ‘Quick Setup‘ allows to choose canvas colors, keyboard shortcut styles, theme sets and toggle dark mode. Second tab shows how to contributor to the project. And the third tab provides options to open recent files, and choose the document size.

Without having to resort to menus or shortcuts, a new Command Palette is available by pressing ? (Shift + /) on keyboard to search and use a variety of functions.

Also, a new display mode Outline Overlay is available in the release. It displays a muted view (opacity) of your drawing behind the object outlines that are click-sensitive.

Other changes in Inkscape 1.1 include:

  • Ability to copy, cut and paste parts of paths with the Node tool.
  • Revamp the dialog docking system.
  • Import or open files from Inkscape’s document history.
  • New path effect to split an object into two or more parts.
  • An “Export PNG Image” option to export as JPG, TIFF, optimized PNG and WebP.
  • New Extension Manager (beta) to install & update additional extensions.

Download & Install Inkscape in Linux:

The Inkscape team offers official Linux packages via Ubuntu PPA, Snap, and Appimage.

  • For Ubuntu and Linux Mint users, Inkscape 1.1 now is available in the new stable PPA.
  • It’s also available as universal Snap package in Snap store.
  • And single executable Appimage package for Linux can be downloaded from the link below:

In addition, the vector graphics editor is also available via Flatpak package in, though not updated at the moment.

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