Headlines – Free Open-Source Reddit App for Linux Desktop & Phones

Looking for a Linux app for Reddit? Try Headlines, a GTK4 app for Linux phones (such as Pinephone) and desktop users.

Headlines, formerly Gtkeddit, is a free open-source Reddit client written in C++. It uses GTK4 and libAdwaita to build the modern user interface that looks native in Ubuntu, Fedora, and other Linux with GNOME desktop.

The app is designed for use with Linux phones such as the Pinephone, though it works great on desktop machines.

To follow the GNOME 42 design, it has both Dark and Light mode. And it can do basic Reddit functions, including submit post, comment, vote, copy link to clipboard, save, and send/rely messages.

Install the Reddit Client:

Step 1: install Flatpak daemon

The app works on most Linux via the official Flatpak package. Some Linux (e.g., CentOS, Fedora, Linux Mint, Pop! OS, Zorin OS) has the daemon out-of-the-box, though others needs to install it manually.

For Ubuntu users, press Ctrl+Alt+T on keyboard to open terminal. Then run the command below to install the daemon:

sudo apt install flatpak

Other Linux may follow the official setup guide to get the daemon.

Step 2: install Headlines

After setup the daemon package, run the command below will install the Reddit client in most Linux:

flatpak install https://dl.flathub.org/repo/appstream/io.gitlab.caveman250.headlines.flatpakref

Once installed, search for and open the app from start menu or overview screen and enjoy!

How to Remove headlines

For any reason, user may easily remove the app by running the command below in a terminal window:

flatpak uninstall --delete-data io.gitlab.caveman250.headlines

And to remove useless run-time library, run flatpak uninstall --unused.

That’s all. Enjoy!

Hi, I'm Merilyn Ne, a computer geek working on Ubuntu Linux for many years and would like to write useful tips for beginners. Forgive me for language mistakes. I'm not a native speaker of English.