GNOME Finally to Have “New Document” Option Out-of-box

For Ubuntu, Fedora and other Linux with GNOME, you may found that there’s no graphical option to create new documents! Good news, the developers are now working on it!

GNOME, the default desktop environments for many Linux systems, does not have visible option by default for creating new documents. It’s the design issue which persists for quite a few years!

The desktop uses templates for new documents. By creating an empty file under user’s Templates folder will enable “New Document” context menu, and use filename as sub-menu option. However, there’s no templates out-of-the-box, and no graphical option to create one!

Usually, we use touch command to create an empty file under that directory so to enable the context menu:

cd ~/Templates/ && touch "Empty Document"

It is not friendly for beginners, however, the most efficient way at the moment. See the how to guide for details.

“New Document” finally to be available out-of-box

Ignacy Kuchciński, a student from UMCS in Lublin, Poland, now is working on improving templates for GNOME Files (aka, Nautilus).

Along with Utkarsh Gandhi, they are going to revamp the UI and make ‘New Document’ option always visible even when there are no templates in the Templates directory. And, to make the ability of adding templates easier, without the cumbersome process of creating and copying files.

The project is in very early stage. He didn’t mention how long or when it will present in GNOME desktop. But, for those interested in it, keep an eye on the developer’s blog or get in touch on the GNOME IRC/Matrix on the #nautilus channel.

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