GNOME to Have Light Mode for Full System Interface Elements

GNOME, the default desktop for Ubuntu and Fedora, is going to add fully support for light theme!

Since GNOME 42, it introduced “Appearance” option to switch between ‘light’ and ‘dark’ mode. However, the light mode only apply to application window interface, while all others left always dark.

New Dark/Light mode settings.

Ubuntu moves a bit faster in this thing. Switching between ‘light’ and ‘dark’ in Ubuntu 22.04 and higher, also changes the color scheme of system menus, notification pop-ups, context menus, etc.

That’s no enough! GNOME finally merged the request to make light mode holistic!

Meaning not only for app windows, but also all system interface elements, including overview, app grid, top-panel, system menus, and dock can be light!

See the screenshots below to have a brief look at future light mode that could be:

NOTE: The screenshots are inspired from this project. It may or may not the final state of GNOME in Light mode.

The light color theme was merged into main branch just a few days ago. At the moment of writing, it’s not planned for the next GNOME 45.

If you’re interested about it, keep an eye on this page for the development.

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