How to Display Your Own Background Logo in Fedora 34/35 Desktop

Fedora workstation by default displays system logo in the bottom right. However, it appears only in the default background. In this quick tip, I’m going to show you how to set your own logo and make it show in all backgrounds.

Step 1: Install Gnome Extensions App:

Fedora uses a Gnome extension to implement this function. To change its appearance, you have to use “Gnome Extensions App“.

Firstly, press Windows/Super key on keyboard to open activities overview screen. Then, search for and open ‘terminal’:

When terminal opens, run the command below to install the Gnome extension configuration app:

sudo dnf install gnome-extensions-app

Step 2: Change Background Logo Settings:

Next, search for and open the Gnome Extensions app from activities overview screen.

When the app opens, click the setting wheel for ‘Background Logo’. Then, in the popup dialog choose another image (transparent SVG is recommended, though PNG works), adjust the size and position. And, enable “Show for all backgrounds” option will display the logo for any background wallpaper.

Click the setting wheel, and change the logo, size and position

For those familiar with Linux commands, you may simply run gsettings command to change these settings.

1. To change the logo image, use command:

gsettings set org.fedorahosted.background-logo-extension logo-file '/PATH/TO/LOGO_IMAGE'

2. And use this command to set the logo position (center for example):

gsettings set org.fedorahosted.background-logo-extension logo-position 'center'

The value may also be: ‘bottom-left’, ‘bottom-center’, and ‘bottom-right’.

3. To toggle visible for all backgrounds (true or false), use command:

gsettings set org.fedorahosted.background-logo-extension logo-position true

4. And, set logo opacity via command (from 0 to 255):

gsettings set org.fedorahosted.background-logo-extension logo-opacity 60

5. Change the logo size (from 5 to 15) via command:

gsettings set org.fedorahosted.background-logo-extension logo-size 9

Instead of setting a key value, you may use “reset” operation for each key to reset to default. For instance, reset Fedora system logo using command:

gsettings reset org.fedorahosted.background-logo-extension logo-file

That’s all. Enjoy!

Merilyn Ne
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