Blender 2.93 Released as Long Term Support Version, Next 3.0 Now in Alpha

The free and open source animation creation software, Blender 2.93, was released a few days ago.

Blender 2.93 is a long term support release (LTS) as the last major milestone of the 2.x series. And the development of the next major 3.0 version began.

The new release introduced 22 new nodes to the Geometry Nodes editor, as well as some new attributes available from Mesh Data. So to create mesh circles, cones, cubes, cylinders, grids, ico-spheres, uv-spheres, and lines without ever leaving the Geometry Nodes editor. It added a spreadsheet editor to display the values of attributes for mesh, point cloud, and instance data.

And there are tons of other changes, including:

  • New option Taper Mode to control how taper objects affect the effective radius of the spline.
  • Update layouts for graph editor and NLA editor FModifiers
  • New Line Art modifier
  • User interface improvements.
  • New operators to Import SVG to grease pencil objects and export grease pencil objects in SVG and PDF format.
  • New Layer transform parameters.
  • New Multiframe support in Draw mode
  • EEVEE’s implementation rewritten from scratch
  • Update Python API to 3.9.1.

See What’s New in Blender 2.93 via YouTube Video:

How to Get Blender 2.93:

Blender offers official binary packages available to download at the link below. The release note link is available as well in the download page.

For Linux users, it’s also available officially as SNAP package which runs in sandbox.

Other sources, e.g., Blender Flatpak package and third-party Ubuntu PPA, has been updated for Linux / Ubuntu users.

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